Open Tree of Life

Open Tree of Life aims to construct a comprehensive, dynamic and digitally-available tree of life by synthesizing published phylogenetic trees along with taxonomic data. The project is a collaborative effort between 11 PIs across 10 institutions. Funding is from NSF AVAToL #1208809.

Browse the tree and leave feedback: Click on nodes to move through the tree, and click on nodes or edges to see more information about taxonomies and phylogenies that contain / support that node. If you have feedback about the relationships that you see, use the "Add Comment" button.

Contribute data: You can contribute to the synthetic tree by uploading trees through our curation interface. These can be trees from TreeBASE or trees uploaded from your computer. There will be a delay before uploaded trees appear in the synthetic tree. Up to summer 2015, the release cycle has been months between new versions of the synthetic tree, but this should shorten in the future.

Contact us using one of the methods on the Contact page.

Cite the Open Tree of Life: Hinchliff, Cody E., et al. "Synthesis of phylogeny and taxonomy into a comprehensive tree of life." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112.41 (2015): 12764-12769.

Cite the Open Tree Taxonomy: Rees J, Cranston K (2017) "Automated assembly of a reference taxonomy for phylogenetic data synthesis." Biodiversity Data Journal 5: e12581.

Postdocs & students
Joseph Brown
Ruchi Chaudhary
Lyndon M. Coghill
Jiabin Deng
Bryan Drew
Romina Gazis
Jessica Grant
Cody Hinchliff
Dail Laughinghouse
Emily Jane McTavish
Chris Owen
Ben Redelings
Jim Allman
Joseph Brown
Karen Cranston
Cody Hinchliff
Mark Holder
Jonathan Leto
Emily McTavish
Peter Midford
Ben Redelings
Richard Ree
Jonathan Rees
Stephen Smith
Principal investigators
Gordon Burleigh
Keith Crandall
Karen Cranston
Karl Gude
David Hibbett
Mark Holder
Laura Katz
Richard Ree
Stephen Smith
Doug Soltis
Tiffani Williams