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Software licenses

Open Tree of Life uses free and open-source software where possible. Here are the components used, licensing and source information for each.

JavaScript license information

All inline JavaScript in the Open Tree of Life web applications is licensed under the BSD 2-clause (FreeBSD) license. Linked and external JavaScript files are licensed as described in the web labels below.

File used in site License Un-minified source code
html5shiv.js GPL 2 html5shiv.js
superfish.js Expat (as MIT) superfish.js
raphael-min.js Expat (as MIT) raphael.js
drawtree.js FreeBSD (as BSD 2-Clause) drawtree.js
drawtree.js FreeBSD (as BSD 2-Clause) drawtree.js
jquery.history.js BSD 3-Clause (as New BSD) jquery.history.js
jquery.splitter-0.6.js GPL 3 jquery.splitter-0.6.js
bootstrap-transition.js Apache 2 bootstrap-transition.js
bootstrap-alert.js Apache 2 bootstrap-alert.js
bootstrap-modal.js Apache 2 bootstrap-modal.js
bootstrap-dropdown.js Apache 2 bootstrap-dropdown.js
bootstrap-scrollspy.js Apache 2 bootstrap-scrollspy.js
bootstrap-tab.js Apache 2 bootstrap-tab.js
bootstrap-tooltip.js Apache 2 bootstrap-tooltip.js
bootstrap-popover.js Apache 2 bootstrap-popover.js
bootstrap-button.js Apache 2 bootstrap-button.js
bootstrap-collapse.js Apache 2 bootstrap-collapse.js
bootstrap-carousel.js Apache 2 bootstrap-carousel.js
bootstrap-typeahead.js Apache 2 bootstrap-typeahead.js
web2py.js Lesser GPL web2py.js
calendar.js Lesser GPL calendar.js
moment.min.js Expat (as MIT)
study-creation.js FreeBSD (as BSD 2-Clause) study-creation.js
study-editor.js FreeBSD (as BSD 2-Clause) study-editor.js
curation-helpers.js FreeBSD (as BSD 2-Clause) curation-helpers.js
modernizr.custom.js Expat (as MIT)
json2.js Public Domain json2.js
knockout-2.3.0.js Expat (as MIT)
knockout-bootstrap.min.js Expat (as MIT)
knockout-paged-e4a5770702.js Expat (as MIT) knockout-paged.js
jquery.fileupload.js Expat (as MIT) jquery.fileupload.js
jquery.iframe-transport.js Expat (as MIT) jquery.iframe-transport.js
jquery.ui.widget.js Expat (as MIT) jquery.ui.widget.js
bootstrap-tagsinput.min.js Expat (as MIT)
bootstrap-dropdown.js Apache 2
d3.phylogram.js FreeBSD (as BSD 2-Clause) d3.phylogram.js
d3.v3.min.js BSD 3-Clause d3.js