Synthesis release



Release notes

A fuller release history (including early draft versions) is available in the germinator documentation:

Open Tree of Life version 10.3

Version 10.3 of the synthetic tree was generated on 10 July 2018 using the propinquity pipeline.


There are two downloads. The first (smaller download) contain only tree and annotations files. The second (larger download) is the full output from the synthesis procedure, including documentation. You can also browse the full output.

  • Tree and annotations : Several versions of the synthetic tree, along with the annotations file. See the enclosed README for details. (compressed tar archive; 35 Mbytes)
  • All pipeline outputs : Outputs and documentation from all stages of the synthesis pipeline. Or, you can browse the output rather than downloading. (compressed tar archive; 189 Mbytes)

Release notes

Changes in inputs

  • no new tree collections.
  • 171 new input trees.

Changes in output

  version9.1 version10.3 change
total tips 2637204 2641229 4025
tips from phylogeny 55226 65739 10513
internal nodes in taxonomy 214121 214702 581
internal nodes from phylogeny 50367 59523 9156
broken taxa 3280 4018 738
subproblems 6933 7770 837